The Cadence Singers

 Inspiring Music, Inspiring Lives 

The Cadence Singers

The Cadence Singers is our non-auditioned Adult Choir.

Originally consisting of ten faithful members, the Cadence Singers strive to bring vibrant singing and ​joyful harmony to Lebanon Valley and beyond. 

Who can join?

Anyone who enjoys singing harmony, bringing uplifting and moving music to audiences, and improving their musicianship. Generally, we accept adults 18 & up. Talented students 13 and up may be accepted through our Choral Scholars Program.

Is there an audition?

 No. However, new singers are asked to sing just a few scales for the Director to determine the size, tone, and timbre of the voice.

Do I have to be an excellent sight reader? 

No! You simply must be willing to learn and practice using the other tools we provide. Prior experience will help.

If you do not have music experience, you must make the effort to learn and grow.

Will I learn more about general music?

Yes. All singers are provided with additional training on basic music reading, theory, and vocal technique. 


When and where do the Singers meet? 

Tuesday evenings, 7pm-9pm

We will begin rehearsing at Fishburn United Methodist Church, located at 

1215 Fishburn Rd, Hershey, PA 17033. 

Is this a religious choir?

 Not officially. 

However, much of our repertoire is faith-based and we do conclude our rehearsals with a brief prayer.

What about costs and are there any discounts? ​


For tuition and discounts, scroll down the Registration page. 

Beyond that, Singers are responsible for covering their own music costs. This should be considered a music rental fee, as we are building our library. Cadence will look for public domain (free!) music or ways to borrow music and lower costs wherever possible. Cadence will purchase the correct number of copies, and then provide you with a receipt for reimbursement. Cadence must be reimbursed before the season’s concert. The average cost per member is $10 to $25, due midway through the semester.  

​May I join if my schedule is a bit crazy? 


The Director is acutely aware and understanding of scheduling problems. This is why we now operate with a mixture of optional and mandatory rehearsals. Mandatory rehearsals may only be missed in emergencies or if the person registering makes their conflict known to the Director before they commit to the semester. 

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