Inspiring Music, Inspiring Lives 


Q: What should students expect? 

A: Students should expect to learn about music in a fun and engaging environment. Students should expect to be challenged and encouraged to explore their creative side. Rehearsals, classes, and lessons are designed with an objective: to provide practical performance experience and opportunities. 

Q: What does Cadence expect from members?

A: Cadence expects all members to bring their most positive attitude, enthusiasm, and focus to all activities. Respect for others, kindness, and consistent effort are crucial to the success of our mission. 

Q: How should I communicate with Cadence?

A: With the exception of last-second emergencies or system outages, families should always use the MyMusicStaff Portal to communicate with Cadence. 

Q: What kind of commitment am I making? 

A: For all group activities, you are making a financial and time commitment of either 30 or 40 weeks (September to May). 

Q: Cancellations, Refunds & Withdrawals?

A: See Policies Below. 

Q: How qualified are Cadence instructors? 

A: Our instructors are qualified either through their extensive formal training, professional experience, or a combination of both.

Q: Safety and Clearances? 

A: All our instructors are required to maintain up-to-date PA Abuse Clearances and undergo background checks. Students and instructors are never allowed to be 

Q: Scheduling?


Q: Cost?


Q: How do I pay? 

Q: Regarding the choirs, will singers have an opportunity for a solo? 

A: Occasionally, we will program music that includes one or more solos. The director will hold auditions and select a singer based on that singer’s ability to perform that solo.


General Expectations

Cadence is not specifically a religious organization. That being said, our founders, board members, and many of our staff and families are Christians. These Christian backgrounds guide much of our decision-making. Cadence members (whether they be instructors, staff, or students) are not required or expected to be practicing Christians. However, all staff, instructors, and members are expected to understand & respect the culture in which they are choosing to participate. 

Members will be polite, respectful, and courteous to all other members and staff. Unkind, impolite, or outwardly negative comments aimed at other members or staff will not be tolerated. Cadence is a place for all of us to escape the world's stress.

Regardless of a member’s age or the program they belong to, all members are expected to show respect to the teachers, volunteers, and other members. This includes keeping chatter to an absolute minimum during all activities. We like to make the most of our limited time together. 

To receive the most from the instruction provided, members must remember that:

Practice is the time you spend on your own to prepare the music and materials you are given. 

Rehearsal is a time to polish what you practiced, usually with the rest of a class or ensemble. 

Performance is the time when an individual or ensemble presents their music or project to an audience. 

Members will communicate privately with the Director of Cadence regarding any concerns or potentially negative comments. “Drama” will not be tolerated. 

The facilities we use will be left better than they are found. Do not engage in behavior that would disrupt the business of, or destroy the property of, any facility we use. We are guests. Be courteous to our hosts. 

Hold your questions until the end of an activity to maintain momentum and rehearse efficiently. This is not to discourage questioning, but rather so we pick which questions are answered now rather than later. Make sure they are relevant to the activity at hand. If you need to, keep some notepaper in your binder to write a question.

All members are expected to dress modestly. Form-fitting attire, sleeveless shirts, short skirts/shorts, or midriff-baring attire is not permitted. 

Specifically for adults in class or choir, we are here to grow, encourage, and uplift each other. Focus on yourself, the things challenging you, and areas you may improve before you consider chiding others. 

Specifically for youth, we are here to learn & grow. You are expected to behave and show respect to your teachers and other members. Disrespect, unruly behavior, or disrupting an activity will not be tolerated. Phone usage is prohibited. Repeated infractions will lead to dismissal for the remainder of class and a discussion with parents/guardians. 

All students from age 7 and up are expected to know how to read at a second-grade level.

Code of Conduct

By enrolling in our programs, both Cadence youth and adult members of Cadence Music and Arts Programs (CMAP) agree to accept the responsibilities and expectations outlined in this Code of Conduct (shown below).

Code of Conduct

As a member of CMAP, I understand that:

General Discipline Policy

As a member of CMAP, I also understand that choosing not to follow the Code of Conduct will result in certain consequences:

Concerning youth, Cadence values parental involvement. Unlike other institutions, we understand that no schooling method or system can ever replace the involvement of consistent & encouraging parenting. We encourage all parents to take an active role if any issues arise. 

Official Attendance Policy 

Membership with Cadence is a 30-week commitment. Rehearsals, Lessons & Classes are a time for learning and growth. Each week is essential. Therefore, students must notify the instructor of a potential absence. If a student must be absent and want it excused, they or their guardians should email the instructor. 3 unexcused absences will result in dismissal. 

Acceptable excuse (with reasonable notice): family emergency, car problems, family or church-related activity, 

sickness, school activity, hazardous weather, etc.

Unacceptable excuse: too tired, forgot, unprepared for the lesson, poorly planned, etc.

All members are expected to attend scheduled events for their program. If you have a previous commitment to attend, you are expected to inform CMAP as soon as you are aware of the conflict. We understand that last-minute emergencies happen. In those instances, you should still send a quick email informing us what has happened. Facebook, text messages, and phone calls should only be used if you cannot send an email through the portal. 

Cancellations & Makeups

Cadence values the time of both our students and our faculty. Therefore we strive to ensure everyone receives just treatment when scheduling lessons and programs. Many of our instructors rely on Cadence as an important source of income. Our students are paying their hard-earned money for our services. To that end...

Cadence or the instructor may cancel lessons or programs due to illness, weather, or other unforeseen issue. 

If Cadence or the instructor cancels a private lesson for any reason, the student is entitled to a makeup lesson. 

If Cadence or the instructor cancels a group program for any reason, Cadence may either provide a makeup session or a partial refund at Cadence's discretion. 

If a student cancels a private lesson more than 24 hours before the scheduled lesson time 

and provides an acceptable excuse (see previous section) they are entitled to a makeup lesson.

One makeup lesson is built into the schedule. 

Additional makeup lessons are rescheduled or refunded on a case-by-case basis, either via virtual lessons or in-person lessons.

If a student repeatedly cancels lessons or demonstrates unreliability, 

a meeting may be called to determine continued enrollment.

In short, if Cadence cancels, members will be compensated. If a member cancels, Cadence will do what it can to compensate that member.


Refunds are only available at the Director's discretion. Makeup credits are the primary recourse if instruction is, for any reason, not provided. 


If a family chooses to withdraw from Cadence programs...

(a) Within the first three weeks of their scheduled programs: 

(b) After the first three weeks of their scheduled programs: 

(c) Three weeks prior to Winter Break or three weeks prior to the Spring Program:

Photography Policy

Cadence reserves the right to use all video and audio media of our programs for promotional purposes. 

Parents must email to request that a 

student's face is blurred out of any material.

Cadence will blur out the faces of any minor at the written request of their parent.