Inspiring Music, Inspiring Lives 

Mission Statement

"Cadence Music and Arts Program's (CMAP) goal is to provide family-friendly, faith-oriented artistic education throughout Central Pennsylvania and beyond. CMAP strives to provide inspiring performances and educational opportunities, particularly for nontraditional students such as home school or cyber school students." 


Our founders, Michael & Brittney Welch, were homeschooled during their K-12 years. Many homeschooling co-ops and organizations were small and limited at that time, unable to provide higher-quality music education. This led Michael & Brittney to begin filling that void in the homeschool sphere.

Cadence is a private, independent, and family-centered music program 

with locations in Ephrata, Hershey, & Thompsontown, PA. 

We offer one-on-one lessons, group classes, and choirs for both children and adults. 

Our adult programs are focused on performing and improving musicianship in each member, 

regardless of his or her previous experience.

While our youth programs specifically lean toward music education, 

they also provide excellent performance experiences. 

While much of our music is faith-based and our rehearsal spaces/venues are churches, 

we welcome members of all backgrounds.


For our youth programs, we accept home-school, public, charter, and cyber school students.