Inspiring Music, Inspiring Lives 

Cadence: A Brief History

Michael and Brittney Welch founded the Wellspring Chorus in the spring of 2019, while living in central Kentucky, for the purpose of providing families with wholesome, faith-oriented musical outlets for adults and youth alike.

During the COVID-19 crisis, we relocated to PA, closer to Brittney’s family, and re-established the program as The Cadence Institute. And now, we are rebranding as Cadence Music & Arts Programs (CMAP), a nonprofit 501(c)(3) designed to provide uplifting, wholesome, and challenging creative outlets for families across the South Central and South-Eastern PA region.

We offer ensembles, private lessons, and group classes for youth and adults from many backgrounds.​ Our adult programs are focused on performing and instilling high-level musicianship in each member, regardless of his or her previous experience. Our youth programs are tailored for education but provide excellent performance experiences nonetheless.

Much of our music is faith-based and our rehearsal spaces and venues are churches. While many of our members are Christians, and we maintain a traditional Christian culture, we welcome members of all backgrounds. While we are popular among homeschool students, we also accept public, charter, and cyber school students. ​


Upcoming Events

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We are still seeking collaborators and instructors to join our organization and provide family-friendly, faith-based artistic opportunities in the Central PA region. Contact us to learn more! 

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