Membership & Programs

 Inspiring Music, Inspiring Lives 

Current Programs

Cadence Singers is a non-audition adult choir (youth 13 and older may audition to join). 

Vox Lucis is an audition/invitation only adult choir

Treblemakers is a non-audition choir for male and female students ages 12-18. 

Prep Choir is a non-audition choir for male and female students ages 7-11

Joyful Noise is a general music class for students ages 5-7.

Guitar, Ukulele, Piano, Voice, Drum, and Bass Guitar Lessons are individual lessons for boys and girls ages 8 and up.

Group Guitar or Ukulele Lessons are grouped for students needing a more affordable and introductory alternative to individual lessons. This is for students ages 8 & up. 

Music Appreciation is a general survey of music history, instruments, and styles for boys and girls ages 8 - 11.

Group Percussion Lesson is an introduction to the basics of percussion instruments and rhythm for ages 8 - 13.

Future Programs

Madrigal Singers will be an auditioned youth choir for homeschool and cyber school students ages 13 - 18.

Wind Band will be a traditional Wind ensemble for Brass and Wind instrumentalists. (i.e., flutes, clarinets, horns, etc)

Private lessons for Wind Instruments, Brass Instruments & String Instruments will be added. 

Cadence Catalog

Cadence 2024 - 2025 Catalog


Q: How qualified are your instructors? 

A: Our instructors are qualified either through their extensive formal training, professional experience or a combination of both.

Q: What if I require financial assistance?

A: We have a need-based financial aid application that you may complete.

Q: Are your instructors vetted? 

A: Yes, all our instructors are required to maintain up-to-date PA Abuse Clearances and undergo background checks. 

Q: Regarding the choirs, will singers have an opportunity for a solo? 

A: Occasionally, we will program music that includes one or more solos. The director will hold auditions and select a singer based on that singer’s ability to perform that solo.

Q: Is childcare provided during adult choir rehearsals? 

A: As of Spring 2024, yes. 

Q: Who purchases course materials such as sheet music?

A: Materials costs are determined by activity. Cadence Singers reimburse Cadence to build the Cadence Choral Library. Cadence Youth may be asked to purchase a particular book or sheet music by their instructor. If your family needs assistance in this area, please reach out directly and we will discuss options. 

Q: Specific attire? 

A: See your specific course description.

Q: Are there COVID-19 restrictions? 

A: No. There are no COVID-19-specific policies in place. We will recognize families’ right to decide whether they wear masks or not. Social distancing will not be enforced, and we will never ask for or require proof of vaccinations. Singers must assume responsibility for any and all risks involved.